3.4+ million people die each year from poor drinking water

99% of the people in under developed countries

54% of Filipinos have little to no access to safe drinking water

That leaves 55,998,000 people at serious risk

The Solution? Biosand Water Filter

Biosand Water Filter is a slow sand filter adapted for household use. Safe, “Clean Water. For Life”

Up to 100% of worms & protozoa
90-99% bacterial, and variable viral reduction
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"I'm very grateful because since we received the biosand filter, we now have a better health condition. Secondly, we can trust the filter to keep our children safe from sickness. We no longer have stomach aches because our water is now clean. Since then, we no longer experience diarrhea."

Mrs. Conchita

"We are very proud of the water that comes from the filter because even our neighbors come to our house to drink our water."

Mrs. Esther Duayao

"To date my household has never been infected by water-borne diseases."


"The water from the filter tastes exactly like a bottled mineral water and is oderless."


"With BSF I became more confident that we are safe from water-borne diseases."

Mrs. Ailyn

"Safe for my baby to drink, and improves the cleanliness of my washed clothes."

Mrs. Ma. Theresa

"As an environmental advocate BSF has minimalized the use of firewood to boil water which eliminates carbon emission and indoor air pollution (IAP) cased by toxic smokes from firewood."


"It's like magic! We poured yellowish water in the filter, then it turned into crystal clear water and it tastes good!"

Husain Kido

"Through this filter I observed that our drinking water is safe and good. The odors and stains are gone!"

Ninfa C. Porras

"Since we owned the biosand filter. I no longer tell my visitors (from the city) to bring their own drinking water. Today, I observed the difference of drinking clean water. We are now safe. We are now spared from the bacteria that are present in contaminated water. Our visitors can really compare the change of our filtered water. They said it is different from the water we had before. They now say that our water tastes so good."

Elisa Olantao

"Through our unity and cooperation, which can enabled us do anything, we now receive our biosand filters. We are very happy that the children enjoy fetching water from our source. We don't need to tell them to pour water into the filter. That's why I'm very thankful for this BSF project. Thank you to all those who sponsored this project."

Mrs. Leona Alingalan

"I am really grateful that the BSF project was started here because since then, our drinking water became clean. The water is cold. We no longer acquire illnesses especially the stomach aches that my children used to have. Thats why I am so thankful that BSF started a project in our place."

Winnie Villa Abrille

"I am very grateful for the biosand filter because since I started using it, we no longer have diarrhea. We now have clean water. My children are very diligent in fetching water. When they come home, they immediately pour it into the filter. I'm really grateful for the people who sponsored the filters because it is a big help for us. The water tastes great. It's cold. It's so clean, just like mineral water."

Sally Sarinas

Our passion is helping families & communities.

“Because everyone deserves clean, safe drinking water.”

With your partnership we can all be a part of the solution!
Partner with BSF Philippines and help one family at a time with “Clean Water. For Life”.

Your advocacy can make a difference

Social Empowerment Advocacy

BS Philippines is engaged in Strategic Partnerships with Foundations,
Non-Government Organizations, Corporations and Service Groups.
With their social empowerment programs & advocacy we are providing
safe, clean potable water in the Philippines.

Beneficiaries throughout the Philippines benefit from
“Clean Water. For Life” because of these amazing strategic partners

  • RotaryRotary
  • Compassion International PhilippinesCompassion International Philippines
  • Seeds of DignitySeeds of Dignity
  • Samaritans PurseSamaritans Purse